Mineral Resources Engineering (BSc)

Everything starts with raw materials

Mineral resources have been extracted and used by mankind since the Stone Age and are a vital part of 21st century life.

Whether in a water glass, toothpaste, a mobile phone or a road tunnel – raw materials form the basis for a huge range of products and construction, and therefore have a major economic impact. Global demand is therefore constantly on the rise, as is demand for experts who can handle these valuable natural resources.

What skills and interests do I need?

You need to be interested in and passionate about technology and natural science. As raw materials engineers are used all over the world, you should also be prepared to learn foreign languages and gain experience abroad. If you're enthusiastic and love working in a team and taking on responsibility, you will enjoy the exciting and varied challenges in a career as a raw materials engineer.

What can I expect during my studies?

In the bachelor programme, you will spend the first four semesters learning general technical principles. The next three semesters offer comprehensive specialist training covering the entire process: from the extraction of solid mineral raw materials to preparation and refinement right up to the production of construction materials, ceramic products and tunnel construction.

What can I expect after my studies?

Raw materials engineers lead mining operations in Austria and all over the world, are highly sought after as tunnel construction experts, work on the production of refractory materials, construction materials, glass and ceramics and refine raw materials into high-tech materials.